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Pattern Design for Peagreen Studios

This was a live brief project in which I had to design three different patterns in three different styles: one character, one floral and one abstract.

For the character design I decided to make my target audience children and looked at creating a scene within the pattern. I felt that this created more engagement and allowed the pattern to flow easier. The pattern was spring themed so I created a gardening scene that was humerous and enjoyable to children.

For the floral design I decided to create a handmade, watercolor aesthetic which would appeal to young and older adults. I chose contrasting colours and a variety of flowers to make a pretty visual language which would appeal to the target audience.

For the abstract pattern I took inspiration from researching camoflage print and how shape and line could become pattern. I found this visual language very interesting and I liked that it could have a unisex appeal with the right choice of colours.

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